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Several months ago, Dean retired as executive editor, and much of the Philadelphia Phillies National League Champions 2022 Logo Shirt Additionally,I will love this staff returned to see him off. It looked like the old newsroom, colleagues crowded together—and it felt like another moment to take stock of all that was lost to the pandemic. I had to slip into the bathroom to hide my tears. JK: The film’s portrayal of the victims is not about replaying stories of abuse, but showing these women as individuals working through a choice—they didn’t do anything to cause the predation, so why was it on them to risk helping us? Take Zelda Perkins—she’s a force, a former Weinstein assistant who spent decades prohibited by a heavy-handed legal agreement from telling her story. In those years of enforced silence, she gained a remarkable ability to look beyond herself. From the first moment I called Zelda, startling her on her work phone, she placed responsibility on our shoulders: This isn’t just about Weinstein, she said. You have to blow open the entire legal, financial, and cultural system constructed to keep women silent. She’s played by Samantha Morton in the film, which depicts an actual meeting in a London restaurant when Zelda again delivered that charge. In Zoe’s face, especially her eyes, I felt the layers of my own reaction in that moment: I’m sitting here with a notebook, going up against huge forces. The scariest part is the prospect of failing. I believe in this process. I am honored by your trust. And we are not going to let you down.

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