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In 1975, Lansbury was reunited with Sondheim when she starred in the Vintage philadelphia phillies est 1883 shirt in other words I will buy this first Broadway revival of Gypsy (and for which she would win another Tony), setting the stage for their next venture together—and perhaps Lansbury’s greatest Broadway role—Mrs. Lovett in the Grand Guignol musical Sweeney Todd. But that collaboration got off to a slightly rocky start. “I was in Ireland when a woman called to say, ‘There’s a telegram here from New York from a fella named Harold Prince,’” Lansbury told New York magazine in 2009, referring to the show’s director. “Hal said he wanted me to play the role of Nellie Lovett. I put down the phone and said to my husband, ‘Hmmm, all right, this show is called Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Then who is Nellie Lovett?’”

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