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Other accolades would come, however: Lansbury was named Dame Commander of the Vintage phillie phanatic let’s go phillies shirt and I love this Order of the British Empire in 2014 and was inducted into both the American Theater Hall of Fame and the Emmy Hall of Fame. She also received an honorary Academy Award in 2013. In that 2011 talk before the screening of The Manchurian Candidate, Lansbury expressed some regret that she never became a major Hollywood star—“to be Joan Crawford or Kate Hepburn, to have that kind of clout”—but quickly added that she really couldn’t complain. It’s not “sour grapes,” she said. “I had a great career—and I’m still out there doing it.” At this year’s CultureCon, Black and POC professionals gathered from near and far to celebrate one thing: the culture. Established in New York in 2017, the annual conference now also tours Atlanta and Los Angeles, attracting the likes of Quinta Brunson, Keke Palmer, Jay Ellis, Tracee Ellis Ross, Billy Porter, and Jeremy Lin as speakers. Founder Imani Ellis envisioned the event as an intentional safe space where creatives of color could network, exchange ideas, and—most importantly of all—be heard on their terms. On Saturday, the final leg of CultureCon 2022, presented by HBO Max, welcomed Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good, Lena Waithe, Elaine Welteroth, Kendrick Sampson, and a number of other notable names to have open and honest conversations about their work, success, and the challenges they’ve faced in their fields. With more than 50 vendors and partners (including Condé Nast), the conference also created a platform for POC businesses both big and small.

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