Kotwel: AI/ML Solutions, AI Training Data Services & Localization for Global Enterprises

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Kotwel - Your Trusted Data Service Provider

Kotwel is the reliable service provider where you’ll get the best-in-class AI/ML solutions, AI training data and linguistic services.

Our Main Services:

* AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Integrate AI into your business with high-quality services and solutions from Kotwel. Whether you need assistance building an AI model, or to deploy a new AI service, we have you covered.

* AI Training Data Services

Training data isn’t labeled or collected on its own. Human intelligence is required to create and annotate reliable training data. Give us a chance to provide you reliable training data for your world-changing AI projects.

Data Collection - Data Annotation - Data Validation

Data Collection includes: Video Data Collection - Image Data Collection - Speech Data Collection

Data Annotation: Video Annotation - Image Annotation - Audio Annotation - Text Annotation

* Localization Services

Going up against companies that are native to the local market can be tough. Allow us to offer you the language-specific and cultural guidance needed to localize your business.

Localization - Translation - Transcription

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