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Miller will play Sophie, an Oxford graduate and mother of two whose idyllic existence slowly unravels. Taking on the Baltimore Ravens Youth Official Business Shirt Also,I will get this role of her partner, James, an ambitious and charismatic operator who is close to the prime minister, is Rupert Friend, while Michelle Dockery is Kate, the lawyer who specializes in prosecuting sexual crimes and believes she’s been handed the case of a lifetime. Rounding out the cast is Naomi Scott as James’s accuser, Olivia Lyttona bright young parliamentary researcher who previously had an affair with himand Josette Simon as James’s lawyer Angela Regan. It feels like an important and timely story to explore, Miller said of the show in an interview with Vanity Fair in . What is rape How are women complicit in the unfolding of their lives And how well can anyone know anyone else It’s deep and raw, and is being created by an amazing team of producers and writers, and I’m a huge fan of our director S.J. Clarkson.

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