High-Quality Data Collection Service at Kotwel

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Data Collection Service at Kotwel

Data collection can be noisy and costly, which is why it’s essential to design data collection workflows to capture high-quality data. With data being critical to every company’s success, especially when it comes to AI, there is added urgency for efforts that include data collection, data management, data storage, data access, data security, and more. Without a priority and dedicated thought to these, data may accidentally be mismanaged, making it useless to the company. Without proper data collection methods from the beginning, the rest of your data pipeline concerns will be a moot point.

To avoid losing one of your most valuable assets, work with a data collection services partner that understands rules, regulations, and implications of data collection, while leveraging technology to enable you to develop machine learning at scale.

We provide data collection services to improve machine learning at scale. As a global leader in our field, our clients benefit from our capability to quickly deliver large volumes of high-quality data across multiple data types, including image, video, speech, audio, and text for your specific AI program needs.

We provide several different data collection solutions and services to best suit your specific needs.

Types Of AI Data Collection Services We Offer

Voice Data Collection | Voice Recordings | Audio Data Sets

Voice data collection (also known as speech data collection or audio data collection) is an important part of AI/Machine Learning. Audio data collection is a great way to prepare your NLP model or any AI model for multilingual audiences.

At Kotwel, we help collect voice and audio data in 75+ languages to support your multilingual AI systems.

Image Data Collection Service | Photos / Image Data Sets

We collect the custom images you need to train your unique AI-powered product. Our experienced project managers will ensure that your project runs smoothly, no matter how small or large.

Kotwel's approach to collecting custom image data makes use of our experience with unique scenario setups and dynamic project management, as well as our base of annotation experts for gestural and facial tagging.

Video Data Collection Services | Video Recordings / Video Data Sets

Whether you need short selfie videos with different accessories and lighting/environment, traffic videos, pedestrian datasets, or conversational videos to improve AI technology for video recognition, we're always available to fulfill your requests.

We provide video data collection services in 75+ countries. For some countries that we have local advantages such as Vietnam, Japan, Spain and The United States, we are capable of collecting a large volume of videos within a short time.

The Right Place Where You’ll Get The High-Quality Data Collection Services For All Your Industry Needs.

High-quality AI Training Data for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Kotwel is a reliable data service provider in Vietnam, offering high-quality AI training data for machine learning and AI. It provides data services such as data collection, data annotation and data validation that help get more out of your algorithms by generating, labeling and validating unique and high-quality training data, specifically tailored to your needs.

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