Vintage Noah Wyle Unisex Shirt

samapython 27.01.2023
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Vintage Noah Wyle Unisex Shirt

This shirt is a vintage piece from the 80s. It is unisex and has an amazing design on it. The shirt is made of cotton and has a fixed collar. This shirt is in excellent condition, but there are some small stains on it that can be removed easily with some soap and water.

If youre looking for a new shirt to wear this season, look no further than the Vintage Noah Wyle Unisex Shirt. This shirt is made of 100% cotton and has a classic design thats perfect for any occasion. The shirt features a button down collar, long sleeves, and a pocket on the left chest. It has been worn very little but is in excellent condition.

You can wear this shirt with just about anything—it looks great paired with jeans or khakis and slim pants. It also works well with blazers and cardigans, which are great options for cooler weather. If youre looking for something different from what you already have in your closet, this shirt will be sure to make an impression!

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