Jack skellington and sally from our first kiss halloween shirt

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According to dermatologist Dr. Alexis Granite, “When you wash your face, you should ideally use lukewarm water because it will activate your cleanser to properly remove product build-up, dirt, and grime on the Jack skellington and sally from our first kiss halloween shirt and I love this skin, while also protecting the skin’s natural oils. Washing with water that’s too hot can be an irritant to the skin, leaving it sensitized, tight, and dry, and it can also impact the skin barrier. Although there are benefits to using cold water on the skin, including reducing puffiness, cleansing with cold water should be avoided. It does not clean the skin as effectively as water at warmer temperatures.” “Don’t forget to protect your lips. They need optimal skin care too, especially in the autumn and winter, when transepidermal water loss is higher due to changes in humidity and harsh winds,” says medical doctor Dr Tijion Esho. “This can leave lips dry and cracked if not treated. Use a squalene-based lip balm, like Esho Coat, to hydrate and protect – and also be sure to use SPF on lips too.”

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