Vintage Norm Macdonald Unisex Shirt

samapython 09.02.2023
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Vintage Norm Macdonald Unisex Shirt

This is a vintage Norm Macdonald unisex shirt. Its made of cotton and features a distressed print of the comedians face.

Norm Macdonald (born November 16, 1964) is a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor and writer. He was best known as one of the cast members on Saturday Night Live in the late 1990s, and as the host of his own talk show on Comedy Central, The Norm Show. In 2018, he joined The Tonight Show as an announcer following the departure of Jay Leno.

This vintage Norm Macdonald Unisex shirt is an absolute must-have for any true fan of the comedian. It features his face in a vintage style, and is the perfect way to show your love for Norm and his comedy. This shirt will look great on men or women!

The shirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in sizes S-3XL. Its available in black, white, or pink (perfect for summer!)

Get your own vintage Norm Macdonald Unisex shirt today!

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