I Want More Berries And That Summer Feelin’ 2022 Shirt

timestshirts 07.12.2022
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If there’s one hero wardrobe piece to emerge in my closet during the I Want More Berries And That Summer Feelin’ 2022 Shirt but in fact I love this past year, it’s my Entireworld striped button-up shirt. My colleagues can attest to how many times they’ve seen me wear this on Zoom, but I love it so much. It’s the perfect top to throw on in the morning while still looking put together. A popular styling tip among the Vogue staff is pairing a button-up shirt with a tank underneath and topping it off with a statement necklace. The shirt is slightly oversized for a cozy, pajama-like feel, while structured enough for all-day professionalism. At under $150, it’s a steal in my book. Which reminds me, I need to go stock up on more! Since quarantine began, my style has shifted toward classic staples that will work year-round. Think rigid jeans, loafers, and striped tees. My favorite Saint James Breton striped shirt makes an appearance at least twice a week. Hopefully no one on Zoom has noticed…

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