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nexomerchllc 07.12.2022
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Oh, that’s such a good question. If I’m being honest, I want to say Beyoncé, but it’s really just the NHC Navarro Hawkins Chaney T-Shirt and I will buy this Curb Your Enthusiasm TV show theme song. It’s the one that plays most in my head as I wish I was cooler, sexier, and smoother. But I think I might just be South Asian Larry David. First of all, Lilly, I’ve only really met you once. It was at the very beginning of my career in America and we had to audition for something together. You were one of the only women with whom I’ve ever auditioned who didn’t make me feel like they were trying to compete with me. You were kind and open, even though you were so much more experienced than I was. I will never forget that. Also, your Vogue India cover was stunning. To your question, what did I learn about being demonized? In the last few weeks, women get demonized no matter what we do. Sometimes we get demonized for just not loving someone back. It’s so easy for us to make a mistake according to society’s absurd list of all the things that we are supposed to do that men are never expected to do. Playing the bad guy didn’t really feel any different, I imagine, from playing a misunderstood good guy. Plus, what I learned from playing the villain character on the show is that villains have more fun. Maybe I’m going to misbehave even more than I already have.

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