The Black Keys November 3Rd 2012 Hawaiian Shirt

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The Black Keys first album, Rubber Factory, was released in 1999. It was a huge success, and the band quickly became one of the most popular music acts in America. In 2000 they released their second album, The Big Come Up, which continued to draw fans from all over the world. In 2003 they released Thickfreakness, which featured several singles that went on to become hits like "Lonely Boy," "Thickfreakness," and "I Got Mine." Their third album Attack & Release came out in 2006; it reached #1 on the UK album charts and produced several singles that became popular hits for them, including "Lonely Boy" and "Gold on the Ceiling." Their fourth album Brothers was released in 2010; it featured songs like "Little Black Submarines" as well as their hit single "Tighten Up."

In November 3Rd 2012 Hawaiian Shirt

The Black Keys have a unique sound, and theyve been making it for years. In fact, theyve been doing it since the 90s! Their music is the perfect blend of bluesy rock and bluesy soul. While their bluesy rock can get heavy at times, their soulful blues is always on point.

Theyre also known for having a sense of humor about themselvesthey even named their album "El Camino." But dont let that fool you; this band is serious about what they do. They are a group of people who take their music seriously but also love to have fun with itand thats why we love them so much!

November 3rd 2012 Hawaiian Shirt

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