Ultra MAGA We The People 1976 Shirt

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Most are familiar with the Ultra MAGA We The People 1976 Shirt Apart from…,I will love this green maté powder regularly used in cuisine, but its cousin is the focus of Montale’s Blue Matcha. While green matcha comes from the Camellia Sinesis plant, the indigo variant is made of butterfly pea flowers common to many Southeast Asian countries. At first spritz, the aromatic qualities of the maté are front and center, but as time passes, the scents’ darker facets come to the fore. Notes of tobacco leaf, cedarwood, and leather make for a drydown that’s smoky and alluring. Jennifer Meyer’s exquisite, handcrafted jewelry has always been understated, so it makes sense that her fragrance debut has a similar feel. Meyer’s eponymous Eau de Parfum is all about the ease and the simplicity of SoCal life. Taking its cues from Meyer’s childhood in Malibu and her memories of beach life, the scent is an appealing mix of berries and blossoms. Fruity notes like fig, strawberry, and coconut water are paired with soft hints of sandalwood and crystal musk. The vibe is optimistic, upbeat, and most importantly, effortless. Housed in a minimalist white bottle that reflects the simplicity of Meyer’s aesthetic, the scent seems destined to become a favorite of her loyal celebrity clients like Hailey Bieber and Kate Hudson.

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