Welcome To The Gunshine State We Don’t Dial 911 Shirt

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Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you’re headed to the Welcome To The Gunshine State We Don’t Dial 911 Shirt and I will buy this beach. The fjords of Flåm, Norway, are a stunning destination whether viewed from the world’s steepest railway, the scenic Flåmsbana, or via one of the many cruises that go through the region. Can’t book a flight? Memo Paris’s addictive Flåm is a tribute to the Northern Lights, which set Flam’s skies alight from mid-September to April. Through crisp notes of clary sage, jasmine sambac, and bitter orange, it evokes the feeling of immersion in nature; white amber, white musk, and tonka bean add depth and a mysterious quality that will have you coming back for more. The best moments are shared, and Acqua di Parma’s effervescent Colonia C.L.U.B. is all about the joys of friendship. An airy blend of bergamot, pink pepper, and lemon, the fragrance has all the sparkle of champagne but with a botanical twist. Cedarwood and rosemary add a green touch, making the experience reminiscent of a walk through a fragrant herb garden with the best of friends by your side.

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