Yukari Yukino Polaroid The Garden Of Words Shirt

nexomerchllc 01.10.2022
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“It’s laser-sharp, deep, deep black long eyeliner that gives it this modernity,” says makeup artist Inge Grognard of the Yukari Yukino Polaroid The Garden Of Words Shirt but in fact I love this more futuristic couture effect of the graphic eye look, which is adjusted slightly according to each person’s individual eye and cheekbone shape. When creating this look, it’s a pot of gel eyeliner from Kiko Milano or Maybelline applied with a thin, sharp eyeliner brush that creates that precise, ultra-onyx “doesn’t move” finish, says Grognard. As for the rest of the look, less isn’t just more—it’s essential in mirroring Demna’s radically reimagined brand of couture. “When you put mascara and eyeshadow on top, it’s too retro,” Grognard says of the choice to keep the rest of the makeup bare, save for minimal foundation where needed (and a few exceptions for the runway’s celebrity cameos). The takeaway on Balenciaga’s new beauty code? Black eyeliner traced on a knife’s edge is all the more powerful and provocative when left to stand on its own—even if it’s worn with a sweeping crinoline skirt.

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