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 Hwang’s American backstory surfaces in his work from time to time—and this was one of those seasons when he thought about being brought up in Texas, after his dad’s work took the Super Trump Trump mania shirt also I will do this family there from South Korea. “I’ve always been surrounded by strong women, like my mother and my sister, who wanted to be a cheerleader at school,” said Hwang. Judging by the looks he devised, there must have been punk girls, scouts and sporty girls to look up to as well. Taking a swerve away from the all-out glamour of last season, he concentrated largely on tailoring, multi-strapped and buckled up; sometimes asymmetrically peeled back and folded over at the waist. There was a lot going on besides the big blow-outs which bounced on the shoulders of the Varsity jacketed cheerleader girls. Hwang likes to layer: skirts over trousers, bustier dresses over shirts and ties; and then throw a crystal net over the lot for evening. There was certainly much more daywear—his last collection, completely based on cocktail and streamlined gowns, had barely any. Maybe that’s what made Hwang revert to and elaborate on his signature tailoring—somewhat over complicatedly—this season. Still, there were evening moments which stood out this time. Three prom dresses, essentially. One of them, in cream, was short in front with a trail in back. The girl was wearing a spiky metal Statue of Liberty Alice band and sneakers. Now, that’s a look that could do a turn on the steps at the Met Gala in May.

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