On Weekends I Hook Up With Big Girls Who Swallow Hawaiian Shirt

allstylehntb 01.10.2022
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 I like to spend my weekends hanging out with big girls who swallow Hawaiian shirts.

When I was younger, I used to be a lot of fun. I used to go out and have a good time, but then my parents got divorced, and that kind of sucked the fun out of everything.

I dont really feel like going out anymore. I just want to stay home and watch Netflix all day long.

But theres one thing that makes me feel better: when Im with a big girl who wears a Hawaiian shirt. Shell take off her clothes and sit on top of me while we watch TV together (even if its just in our underwear). Then well make out until we both pass out from exhaustion!

 Im a guy. Ive been in this body for a while. Ive had plenty of relationships, and Ive always been attracted to women who are bigger than me.

I have a thing for big girls who can swallow Hawaiian shirts. Seriously, all I can think about is those girls when Im not with them. Like the time I met a woman on the beach in Hawaii and she was wearing one of those shirts. She was so tall and thin that she could barely fit into it, but it just fit her like a glove.

Anyway, whats up with that? Why am I so obsessed with these big girls? Its not like theyre really bigtheyre just taller than me! That doesnt matter, though: theyre just so much more feminine than most other women out there! Also, their breasts are always very firm and perky; they never sag at all!

And then theres the hair on their heads: long and blonde or red or yellow or even brown; never straight black hair like mine (which is fine by me because my hair is naturally curly). But these other womens hair is always so soft and shiny! And sometimes it looks like they

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