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Even if current affairs hadn’t overwhelmed this fashion event, Demna’s Balenciaga shows in recent times have always held within them undercurrents of prophetic warning. There was the Oracle frito bandito shirt besides I will buy this one he staged as a notional summit of the European Union parliament. An answered question about its diplomatic usefulness, in retrospect. His last terrifying physical show, on the brink of the pandemic in March 2020, confronted the audience with burning skies and an ominous oily lake lapping at their feet—with his sinister male black-clad power avatars of business and religion dominating the scene. All these anxieties—environmental, geopolitical, the fear of the dark forces that are really in charge—have come to pass. Where does that leave fashion? Demna’s tribe of Balenciaga survivors continued, despite everything, stomping in their stiletto heels and thigh-high boots in snow-blasted headwinds towards whatever future lies ahead.

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