Miami football artwork shirt

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For the Miami football artwork shirt in contrast I will get this sake of Bond, I’ve always appreciated that the perspective is quite literal and people contextualize it in so many ways. In terms of running our small, independent business, Dana and I are always juggling and negotiating within ourselves about what things feel appropriate to align the brand with and what things might be limiting in some sense. I think the quite minimal verbiage we’ve chosen has come after long conversations about all the terminologies that don’t feel quite right. Bond has become what feels like a really safe space for me personally because I know at the end of the day that everything is derivative of hardware and that’s something that’s really literal to me. It is symbolic of the strength in a literal sense that comes with wearing big, hard metal pieces. That’s a world that I feel happy about being in. It makes the other less comfortable aspects of offering personal information in order to identify with certain groups of our community critical.

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