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A breakout moment came in the W Football Skeleton Shirt and I love this ’s with a campaign for Yohji Yamamoto in Budapest, revealing to other major fashion houses the thrilling possibilities of casting the net wider than the big modeling agencies. But by this time, Venditti’s innate storytelling instincts were beginning to pull her elsewhere. I thought I was really into fashion—which I am—but I think in terms of the work, I’m more into the story that the fashion tells, Venditti says. I loved that process of figuring out who told the right story in the right look. And that’s when I started to move away from fashion, I think. I just felt, I want to go deeper. It’s ironic that Venditti’s approach to casting is now practically standard issue. Walter Pearce and Rachel Chandler of Midland Agency have carved their own niche scouting weird and wonderful faces—most with unexpected backstories—for the likes of Gucci and Marni, while Eva Gödel of the Düsseldorf-based model agency Tomorrow Is Another Day, which launched in , became the go-to for willowy, artsy boys with unconventional looks, not coincidentally around the same time that Hedi Slimane returned to menswear at Saint Laurent and then Celine. The street casting thing is a big thing now, but a lot of these girls—Paloma Elsesser, Jane Moseley, Eliza Douglas for Balenciaga—we were proposing them to people years ago and they weren’t interested, says Venditti. Paloma couldn’t get an agency, can you believe it We tried to help her get an agency years before what you see now. She’s keen to emphasize there’s no bitterness there when it comes to the fashion world embracing her pioneering approach to casting, she’s philosophical. I’m happy about it, she says. This is the world I’ve been living in for years. I think they’re finally doing it in a way that isn’t tokenistic, too. Mostly, I’m just happy it finally exists.


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