The God Wars Dungeon isn't going anywhere just yet

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The God Wars Dungeon isn't going anywhere just yet It's now heading towards its conclusion with introduction of its final enemy: Nex The General. Being the final antagonist in a storyline over an entire decade in OSRS Gold the making and bringing her down will not be an easy task to say the least. Team players can run up to 80 players at once which is why you won't need to take on the task by yourself.

Nex is an enormously popular addition to the game. Every RuneScape update must receive the approval of 75 percent of players prior to being released, and Nex was approved by an overwhelming 90 percent of players having voted to bring Nex into the game.

Anyone who is a member at any level is eligible to fight the boss, but Jagex does recommend that you take the levels 70 ranged 70 Strength 80 Agility, 70 Hitpoints. You'll also need to be able to complete the Desert Treasure quest, so you can access the Frozen Door. The door will allow you as a way to enter Nex's home, allowing you to try and defeat the monster by yourself.

Naturally, as one would expect from a boss fight, there's incredible loot to be snatched up. Jagex hasn't provided too much detail about what we can expect but they've revealed that among the items available for grabs there's the Ancient Godsword, Zaryte crossbow and the Torva armour set.

If you'd like to test this expansion out for yourself, Old School RuneScape is free to play on both PC and mobile. However, this expansion is only available for players who have paid for membership.

Hello and welcome to Memory Card. Here, we embark on one last--and possibly fatal--playthrough the forgotten games from our past. As in the past it's possible that we'll pull some late night slumberers, be sacked by a person or two Buy RS Gold, we might resort to drinking too many Hot Pockets. Let's check out how far we've progressed. Or perhaps we've fallen back.

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