Don’t ever forget u can’t mess with a raiderette shirt

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Rendered largely in dark green and black, the Don’t ever forget u can’t mess with a raiderette shirt besides I will buy this collection was a mainly streetwear-focused wardrobe composed of the stereotypes that come with the territory, at least from a fashion perspective: layered and tiered T-shirts and sweatshirts with logo graphics in the vein of metal band merchandise; baggy denim trousers and leather tracksuits; and voluminous floor-length pimp coats that floated along the stadium-like structure bathed in the light of four surrounding LED lamps that looked like those used on football fields. “It’s a language of light that we’ve been building for the show,” said Williams. “It’s about coming to an arena for me; that’s the all-encompassing mood.” As a former creative director for the music industry, he expresses himself in the grand gestures of music videos and concert venues. It was clear in his throbbing and quite invigorating soundtrack (which he insisted was intended to be light), in his sprawling La Défense venue that many a show-goer bemoans because of the 45-minute drive to get there, and in his natural dialogue between sportswear and eveningwear.

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