Spongebob Squarepants Swag shirt

myclubtee 09.02.2023
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Step into the Spongebob Squarepants Swag shirt in contrast I will get this Tuileries residence, its walls painted a soothing pale pink or rose arroche, its joinery a glossy burgundy, and you’ll never want to leave. Nibble a fresh croissant at the Pierre Frey-upholstered breakfast nook that recalls the work of legendary Paris decorator Andrée Putman. Luxuriate in the giant built-in bed inspired by Jean Prouvé, with a custom steel light by the London-based designer Eliot Barnes. Head upstairs, and you’ll find a cozy living room punctuated by vintage red-velvet Polish club chairs and a Bram Van Velde lithograph. Then wander into another bedroom with an equally giant bed facing a vibrant green, Jean-Michel Frank-inspired coffee table, recovered safari chairs that make use of a zingy zebra-print fabric, the floor carpeted in luxurious mushroom-hued wool. The bathroom has a Prada vibe—all ’s shiny aluminum hardware and glossy black-and-white tiles.


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