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myclubtee 06.12.2022
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When I enter the Jhope Hoseok Flute Shirt but in fact I love this museum I am barefoot. The cold concrete floors provide some much-needed respite from the tropical heat of the Mayan jungle in Tulum, Mexico. Immediately I notice there is not a straight line in sight. The floor undulates. The walls are curved. The doors and windows are round. Soft light cascades through the slits on the dome ceiling made with thousands of bejuco vines. Actual trees are growing inside, and innumerable pothos plants pour their heart-shaped leaves all-around. At Sfer Ik Museion, nature and art are one and the same. As I follow a pathway that spirals upwards, I see the gallery from above and catch a glimpse of what seems to be an immense and unusual tree. A few men are standing on a scaffold that surrounds the top, rearranging its dissimilar leaves and flowers, placing and removing details as if growing it from scratch in real-time. One of the men is Japanese botanical artist Azuma Makoto, and he is placing the final touches on Mexx, a site-specific installation at Sfer Ik that’s unlike anything he’s ever done before.


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