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Beth moaned and looked up into his eyes in anguish as he played with the opening of her pussy and continued to fondle her breasts through the lace. He withdrew his hand from her panties and licked his middle finger until it dripped with saliva, before dipping it into her lace panties again and, nudging over her clit, dipped between her spread pussy lips.

She squeaked as his large, slick finger dipped in between the soft lips and wormed its way into her pussy. It was warm and slightly moist inside. He could feel early signs of arousal as he worked his long thick finger into her further. She was powerless to resist him as he wormed it all the way into her up to the knuckle.

He withdrew his long finger completely, licked it so that its full length was coated in copious amounts of saliva and then returned it to her pussy. This time it slid in much more easily and he pushed it all the way into her, making her whimper. He hooked it slightly and wiggles it slowly around inside her, feeling her moist and ultrasensitive walls start to flutter around him  best free extreme porn sites .

Then he started sliding it in and out, working it through her tight pussy lips, coaxing juice from within her body involuntarily. With the new lubricant, he started pumping his long, thick finger more firmly in and out of her hole, spread her juice around her walls and pussylips.

Beth was helpless to stop him. All she could do was just wriggle and breathe deeply, looking up at him with cute pleading eyes as she whimpered under his sensual assault.

Then he released her breasts and slipped his hand from within her tight but slippery pussy. He went around to the bottom of the table and looked up at her helplessly pinned down with her thighs spread. The table was quite long, so he lowered it and then climbed onto the end!

He knelt down and placed his hands on her stocking clad thighs, holding them flat to the table. He then bent down and kissed her thigh just above her stocking top. He tenderly kissed around the soft skin on both sides, working his lips closer to her delicate lace panties. Then his lips came down onto her warm pussy, kissing her sensitive area through the lace. Beth squirmed and mewled as he kissed her there free sex cams 

He tugged her panties to the side, exposing her glistening pussy to his gaze. His warm wet lips came down onto her, enveloping her pussy and making her gasp. He pressed his lips against her, kissing up and down her slit before kissing her clit lightly. His wet tongue darted out and flicked across her clit, making her eyes open wide in surprise at the pleasurable feeling, and making the little bud swell and expose itself more.

Then he started tonguing her properly. He slurped his wet tongue up and down her sensitive gash, licking her juices up and down, delving deep between her tight lips, exploring inside her before licking up to swirl around her throbbing clit. He tasted her juices, smearing her all over as he lapped hungrily at her juicy pussy.

This tonguing was driving Beth wild. As he firmly licked her pussy all over, she whimpered and moaned, tossing her head from side to side, spreading her hair on the table top between and below her upstretched arms. He moved one hand across and his thick middle finger again started worming its way back into her dripping pussy as he continued to lick her. She writhed in her bonds as she felt the finger slipping into her.

Because of the angle, he was able to push it deeper than before, stroking new and sensitive areas inside her vagina. Meanwhile his other hand placed on her abdomen, holding her down and his thumb pulled the skin above her clit taught, exposing and lifting the little throbbing red bud of her clitoris, nice and aroused and erect.

As he pumped her with his finger, his lips came down onto her clit and she shrieked in surprised pleasure as he sucked it into his mouth so that his warm wet tongue could lash across it. Beth's head went right back and her body arched on the table top, involuntarily thrusting her wet pussy into his mouth as he sucked at her. She whimpered loudly, making little squeaking noises as he firmly molested her with his lips and finger, her juices coating his tongue and finger as he played with her like that.

He could feel her body quivering under his sensual assault, her muscles growing taught as her body strained for release. Her breathing got faster and deeper, thrusting her lovely breasts up in the air. Her thighs trembled and her pussy muscles fluttered around his sliding, rubbing, pumping finger, until finally her body reached the point of no return.

Beth shrieked into the gag and her whole body went rigid and strained to arch off the tabletop as a tremendous orgasm swept through her young innocent body. She shrieked again as a second wave sent her body into convulsions and she bucked and jerked within her tight bonds as wave upon wave of ecstasy crashed over her. He kept up the pressure on her clit and pussy, licking hard and wet and pumping as deep as he could, as she squirted juice around his probing finger and her body shook under him.

Her high-pitched squeals kept going as she experienced a long, drawn out and intense forced orgasm, which went on for ages, wracking her body with spasms as she screamed her passion into the gag.

Finally, the waves of pleasure subsided enough to let her relax back onto the tabletop, but she continued to quiver and whimper as the feelings still coursed through her body. As she came down, she realised that he had stopped licking her and had climbed off the table. In fact, he took off his coat and his trousers and climbed back up between her spread thighs. She looked up at him through heavily lidded eyes until she realised where he was and what he was about to do.

Too late, she felt a hot, hard fleshy shape touch her spread pussy lips. She jerked her head up and wriggled her hips, trying to get away from him, but the strap over her waist and the straps over her thighs held her firmly in place. The doctor bobbed his cock up and down, rubbing the round head up and down her sopping pussy lips, coating the round head with her juices.

Then, keeping his bell-end nestled in her entrance, he leant forward over her, resting his arms on either side of her and lowered himself down onto her pinned body. He squashed her breasts under his chest and she turned her head to the side and closed her eyes as she felt his big penis pushing against her pussy opening.

She was powerless to stop him as he pressed forward, gently applying increasing pressure until finally her tight pussy entrance gave way and she gasped as his dickhead popped inside her tight but very slippery hole.

She whimpered anew as he rocked his hips back and forward, each time sliding his hard dick a little further into her tenderness. He stretched her tightly around his girth as he little by little progressed into her helpless body. He was long and thick and it took quite some time with gentle back and forth rocking of his hips before he could feel his dick bottom out into the full depth of Beth's lovely tight wet pussy, and making her open her eyes in surprise at the depth and feel of him so far inside her.

Once he had buried his throbbing cock firmly inside the trembling teenager, he leant on his elbows, gripping her hips with his elbows and his large palms came down to clamp around her lace covered breasts, squeezed under his chest. She gazed up into his face with frightened eyes as he held her tight and stirred his large club inside her body.

He lifted his hips back, withdrawing his shaft from her warm sheath until just the bulbous tip rested inside her tight lips. Then with a grunt from him and a loud squeal from her. He gripped her body and thrust forward. The full length of his hard dick slid firmly through her pussy in one glorious plunge, thrusting up into her and nudging her end wall again.

He started pumping her helpless body with long, firm strokes. She could feel his entire length reaming out her slippery hole as it pistoned solidly in and out of her. She squealed and moaned and writhed and struggled as he fucked her hard and deep, extracting all the pleasure that he could out of this young beauty.

She felt so good that he knew he wasn't going to last long like this. He gripped her hips tighter and clamped his large hands around her breasts, squeezing them into peaks and making her sensitive nipples poke out firmly against the lace. His fingers closed around her throbbing nipples and pinched and rolled them as he continued to ram his long thick penis into her soft body.

He steadily increased the depth and pace until he was really pumping her hard and deep, his bell-end bumping past her G-spot each time. At the bottom of each stroke, the base of his cock mashed into her swollen clit. What with the tweaking of her nipples, her clit being mashed periodically and the wet friction of his shaft sliding across her G-spot, she could feel another unbidden orgasm rising deep within her helpless body  best free big ass porn tube websites .

He pumped her long and hard like this for a while, the speed and pressure of his strokes getting more intense by the minute and so did her squeals and writhing, until she felt too good and he passed the point of no return. He grunted, then squeezing her hard, he thrust firmly into her as far as he could go and erupted.

His cock pulsed strongly and she felt her love tunnel squeezing tightly around him as a powerful pulse race along the length of his dick inside her and the head exploded with a blast of sticky sperm that sprayed deep inside her and splashed the walls of her pussy. He rocked back and thrust hard in again, discharging another gush of liquid deep up inside her.

This was too much for Beth's body to take and it responded by pushing her into another mind-blowing orgasm. She screamed into the gag, her pussy convulsing around his disgorging cock as she arched into him and came hard, shaking in strong spasms throughout her young body. They bucked together as he continued to pound into her jerking and writhing body, her squeaks and squeals driving him on, deeper and harder into her young teenage depths as he creamed her insides thoroughly.

They rode each other's climaxes for an age both pushing the other on and on, until with a final plunge, he sheathed himself fully inside her and his cock spat out its last spurt, injecting it into her already flooded pussy. Beth whimpered and her body went limp, completely spent.

After laying over her heaving body for a while to recover, he eventually moved down and slipped from her pussy with a slurp. She was cooing gently as she came down herself, her eyes closed. He climbed off the table and pulled his clothes back on. He wiped her dribbling pussy before pulling her lace panties back over her opening to soak up the remaining juices oozing from her.

Going around the table, he undid the straps holding her waist and thighs although she was still too far out of it to react to her partial release. Her legs were parted and the short skirt was still rucked up at her waist. He didn't release her arms yet though, and he thought it best to keep the gag in a little longer until he was sure everyone else in the school had gone home.

"Well I think you passed the medical with flying colours!" he remarked casually as he went over to the doctor's desk to catch up on his paperwork, leaving Beth on the bed to slowly bring her breathing under control and come to her senses.

His smartphone on the desk made a beep and picked it up to read the message. After reading the text, he dialled up a number and someone answered.

"Yes, it's me. I just got the message that you've got it?" Pause. "Great! I could really do with it for my submittal. When can I collect it?" Pause. "You're near the school? Well I'm still here myself conducting a medical." He glanced over to where Beth was stirring, looking over to him for release, finally realising her thighs were unstrapped, allowing her to clamp her legs tightly together,

He spoke into the phone again. "Come in and bring it to the Med room. I'll let you in." He hung up.

He went to leave the room, glancing back to Beth who was still helplessly tied back on the table, unable to get off and decided to help her. He went over to her and behind the top edge of the table, and undid the straps from the bar where they were tied. But instead of releasing her wrists as she had expected, he fastened the straps together, and gripping them in his hands, pulled her still tied hand down, over her head.

He hauled on her arms, pulling her up into a sitting position, then swivelled her around so that she could sit on the edge of the table. He left her there and went through to the outer room, allowing the door to swing closed behind him. Beth tried to release her wrists, then tried loosening the tight strap of the gag to use her teeth. Both were done up too tightly and she didn't manage to make any progress on either of them.

Meanwhile the doctor had gone to the outer door and unlocked it. Immediately a large, casually dressed man stepped inside and the doctor relocked the door behind him.

"Hi George. Wotcha doing here?" the new man asked  best free vr-porn .

"Just contract locum work. Just finished conducting a medical. Where is it then?" The other man held up a solid-state hard drive. "Morten, You beaut!" the doctor exclaimed. "Let's have it then."

"Uh-uh George" the other man shook his head, holding the drive out of reach behind him. "Not without my cash."

"But I haven't got it with me, and I really need the drive now. I'll pay you later."

Morten wasn't having that. "I don't think so George" he said. "You're not the greatest payer, are you? I'll just hold onto it until you've got the cash in hand."

The doctor considered things for a second, knowing that he needed the drive, then spoke again. "What if I were to offer you payment of a 'different' kind?" he offered, smiling conspiratorially.

"What kind of thing had you in mind?" Morten enquired; his curiosity piqued. "What can you offer?"

The doctor pushed open the door connecting to the inner room. "Her!" stated the doctor with a smile.

As the door swung open it revealed a pretty young woman of about 18 or 19, sitting on the edge of the bed, her wrists bound in front of her and a gag wedged in her mouth. She looked flushed, nervous and a little dishevelled in her dark hair, short skirt and white stockings. Her white blouse was partially open, displaying her lacy bra and a bit of cleavage. She just sat there looking from one man to the other, bemused, as they ogled her.

Morten was standing in shock at the sight of this beautiful girl sitting in front of them and took a few seconds to realise what was being offered by his associate. She looked sultry and sexy and helpless: his idea of a wet dream. Luckily Beth didn't understand what was going on as the two men moved into the room, closing the door firmly and moving closer to stand in front of her.

Morten eyed her for a while, then cocked an eyebrow at George. "A medical you say?"

"Well" defended George. "I needed to give her a good, thorough examination, didn't I?"

Morten scoffed. "Boy oh boy. I bet you did! So, she's your offer is she?"

"Yep. Payment in full. Take it or leave it. Or should I say take her or leave her."

Beth was following the conversation with increasing panic, looking from one man to the next. They couldn't be discussing her as if she wasn't there, could they? A commodity in place of cash? No-one was that callous were they? She hoped not and decided to appeal to them. She squeaked in indignation and lifted her bound wrists up to George in hope that he'd untie her.

He didn't. He could see that Morten was close to taking up his new offer, but wanted to seal the deal. With one hand he grasped Beth's bound wrists, and with the other, he positioned one of the straight-backed wooden chairs to face away from them. He tugged Beth up off the side of the bed to stand on wobbly feet, and pulled her up to the back of the chair. Then he tugged her wrists downwards, and she protested from behind the gag as he forced her to bend forwards over the back of the chair.

She bent at the waist as she was doubled over the chair, her bottom sticking out and her skirt lifting high up at the back. George knelt down in front of the chair, and untied her wrists from each other, but keeping the leather straps tight around each wrist. He pulled the loose ends down on either side of the chair seat before fastening them together again under the seat, keeping her trapped over the back of the chair.

The view that Morten now had was beautiful. Her legs were straight and taught as she was stretched over the back of the chair. Her lace topped stockings hugged her shapely legs and stopped well short of the short skirt which had ridden high up over her pert bottom. Her lace panties, damp from her secretions and leaking sperm, were visible where they hugged her young pussy. Her perfect bottom was presented to him and Morten's eyes bulged wide in glee as he feasted on the innocent girl's nice rear.

Beth was mortified, (or should it be Mortenfied, no pun intended), but was helpless to do anything except wriggle weakly and whimper into the gag. Here she was with a complete stranger ogling her bottom, with sperm leaking out of her wet pussy, having just been tricked and ravished by the doctor. She had hoped they would just let her go to conduct their business, whatever it was without her, but she now knew that she was part of the transaction.

Morten started drooling at the delicious sight, until an impatient cough from George jolted him back into the situation. Morten immediately turned to him and shook his hand. "Deal!" Exclaimed Morten firmly, handing over the hard-drive. "Here's the hard drive. And watch me now perform a hard drive!"

George was delighted to strike a deal with Morten. He placed the hard-drive on the desk and tossed Morten a couple of rolls of bandage strip. "Here. You might need these" he suggested. Morten caught the rolls and agreed. He bent down behind her and gripped a slender ankle in his strong hand. He moved it to the nearest chair leg and wound a bandage strip around both her ankle and the chair legs, tightly binding her leg there.

Once he had repeated the exercise on her other leg, Beth found herself gagged and helplessly bent over the chair and tied tightly to it. She squealed into the gag as she realised her precarious and vulnerable position. She gripped the sides of the chair for support and tried to prise her legs free from their bound position, but all that she managed was to jiggle her bottom enticingly at Morten.

Meanwhile, Morten, who was still knelt down behind her found his eyes level with her pussy. He's still got his hands on her ankles and as he slid them up her long legs, he moved his face closer to her panties. At the feel of his breath on her pudenda, Beth's body trembled with anticipation.

His hands continued their upward journey, up her thighs and over the lace tops of her hold-ups. As his hands stroked higher up her exposed upper thighs and then lifted the skirt over her bottom, his nose moved in to inhale her scent. His hands held her bottom steady and he nuzzled her pussy from behind with his nose, noting the dampness of her pussy.

Beth mewled as he stroked his nose up and down her slit, before his tongue extended and licked up the damp lace of her panties. Beth closed her eyes in shame, her head dropped down and her hair fell down and over, covering her face from where the doctor now sat behind the desk.

Morten's hands started stroking all over the exposed skin of her upturned bottom and upper thighs, feeling her soft skin tremble as his tongue worked up and down the slit of her pussy, through the delicate lace. She whimpered quietly as he stroked his hands up and down her thighs and over her bottom. Her skin was warm and soft and smooth.

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