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Ever since their first outing as a couple over 20 years ago, Lopez has always been high glam with her megawatt looks and accessories, while Affleck has been more easy-going in T-shirts along with the Owl halloween costume boo pumpkin shirt in addition I really love this occasional flash of a watch. In a fashion sense, it’s interesting to see the two reconnect and, at times, match their looks, and at other times do their own thing. And while the two sometimes coordinate, maybe this time, it’s Lopez who is taking the cue from her partner. Either way, her honeymoon flip-flop moment is Jenny from the Block to the core, or in this case, Jenny from Le Block. While we Philadelphians might be known for our aggressive sports fandom and proclivity toward a steak “whiz wit” on a fresh Amoroso roll, the City of Brotherly Love offers so much more. With the largest collection of Rodin sculptures outside of Paris, and one of the most lauded orchestras in the country—not to mention a strong community of chefs with roots around the world—Philadelphia is an underappreciated cultural hot spot. From gorgeously curated specialty shops and an electric food scene to an impressive public collection of Picassos and a vast library of American history, there are many reasons that make it a city worth visiting.

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