The Easiest Ways To Win The Fish Table Game Online

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Here Are Some Secrets Of Fish Table Game

Use guns and bullets sensibly

In a fish table online, there are many different types of guns normally over 20 types of guns. Players can choose the number of bullets, target the fish and shoot. When shooting more bullets at the same fish, the odds of eating fish will be higher.

Shoot as soon as the fish swims out

This is a small tip that many fish game masters apply. The game’s algorithm will determine that there are very weak fish, which just swim out and die soon after. To take advantage of this, you should pay attention to the small and medium fish swimming out, aim accurately and so on. Surely this way of playing will help you have more coins. This is a “primary” lesson for those who play fish tables online if they want to become more classy in the fish table online.

Shooting ammo

This way can be understood simply that you just shoot up bullets, shoot 9 fish with 1 bullet each and then increase from 1 to 2 3 4…100. When shooting to the 100th bullet, you will lose 558 points but this time, the fish will die at the same time and you will gain 1000 points. In general, no matter how many bullets the fish is killed, you will still win. If you are quick, you can increase your ammo in many other ways and of course the number of coins also increases. This is the way that the players who shoot fish online often apply to make more money.

Ice Ball Shooting

This trick is like a brother playing billiards, hit the wall with a tape and wait a while after the ball bounces back to hit the fish. Meanwhile, if you shoot directly to add more fish, the finishing rate will be higher than the rest of the players in the table. You have 2 projectiles while others only have 1, your chance has increased by 200% compared to the opponent. The disadvantage of this way of playing is that it takes a bit of ammo, but Mr. Huan has already said, “Dose is to eat more, not dose to eat less”. Must dare to invest to have big fish to eat. For professional gamers, this is the secret to making them always play above other players. The thienhabet team has also applied and the rate of eating large fish has increased significantly.

Here are some secrets of fish table game

Stock up on ammo to shoot big fish

This tip is only suitable for gamers with a bit of money. Basically, when you have a lot of coins in reserve, don’t waste resources just chasing small fish. Giants never pursue bad girls. Instead, you should change the attack target to big fish like mermaids, sharks… Usually the players will use big bullets like 7 bullets, this will help increase the knockdown rate. catch bigger fish. With each big goal like the ending mermaid, the amount of money brought to you is not small.

Apply mustache strategy

There is a common mistake that fish shooting gamers often encounter is being too greedy in shooting big fish, mermaids, and sharks, forgetting that small fish also bring a big coin if know how to play properly.

In fact, this is a no-go. If you are a newbie, you should not play this way, it does more harm than good. Because, if you shoot big fish without dying, you will lose a lot of useless bullets. Besides, the fish that get lost and die, you will not be charged coins.

Instead, gamers should know how to take advantage of the small angle of the shooter to destroy the small fish. Tip as follows: First, the gamer should rotate the gun barrel continuously around the table. Then, shoot each bullet so that each bullet goes in one direction, each bullet sticks to 1 fish, for larger fish, shoot 2-3 bullets.

If you are a little flexible and quick, you will earn a lot of money from this way of playing. Most of the fish shooting masters apply the mustache strategy skillfully. Therefore, the amount of money they earn after a period of playing is not small.

Start with a Budget and stick to it

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make by making a budget and not sticking to it. If you are a big fan of fish Kirin and want to play every day, then you need to manage your budget and stick to it. Else you will no longer be able to play. The easiest way to do is to decide a budget that you will be able to spend on your fish Kirin game and the number of days you want to play. Calculate by dividing the sum of money by each day expense, that is your monthly cost!

Killing the boss is main

Always remember, killing the boss is the main goal. Not just because of the points and the rewards attached to it but because it comes with many surprises. Some big bosses explode and kill many small fishes around them, and this will allow you to earn more points. Do your best to reach the boss level because this is where the real rewards begin.

Apply algorithms

Players need to have an algorithm for their game if the sophisticated player could release and remove it immediately. Going by the algorithm, the ammunition will be ranked accordingly from number 1 to n. The algorithm needs to change in different circumstances; the percentage with bigger fish death means a good win. Your job is to watch for the fishes to come out. Apply a small fish whisker to get to the mission point.

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