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myclubtee 07.12.2022
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…but the Wild Rye Bikes Baddies Brews And No Bans Benefit Shirt in other words I will buy this part where Stephen moves to L.A. and reinvents himself is very real because this has happened to other friends and me. There’s this anxiety about being fetishized that can make a whole relationship get thrown into question. Stephen’s goal was a Japanese girlfriend, right And Ingrid was like a stepping stone for him I’ve had friends who are Korean or Chinese who date white men who are obsessed with Japan, and it’s like, But I’m your girlfriend, and I’m Chinese. Are you not interested in visiting or learning about China Okay, cool, good to know. Thank you for asking It was quite overwhelming trying to prepare for the launch because I didn’t have the time or energy to fully process what was happening or respond to every single person, but I remember a lot of Asian women writing to me and saying, I’ve had this trauma, and I feel this way, and I was just so full of gratitude and emotional. I’m honored that someone would share that with me.


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