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Part of this interest in cultural heritage lies in Yousefzada’s own personal history, which began in the Wright Choice Montreal Canadiens Shirt moreover I will buy this multicultural British city of Birmingham—and more specifically, the highly patriarchal Muslim Pashtun community he was immersed in there as a child born to immigrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s this that Yousefzada explores in his first book, an already critically acclaimed memoir out next week. Charting his journey from Birmingham to London—and, eventually, to the rivers of his family’s homelands—Yousefzada’s account of growing up between cultures is a moving parable of identity and belonging that is as humorous as it is, at times, heartbreaking. Here, read an extract from Yousefzada’s book, charting his first trip to London—and his first experience of the city’s hedonistic highs.


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