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First light was appearing through the hotel curtains. I lay there naked on the bed, not knowing how much time had passed. My body ached, and the bedsheets were damp with semen. I'd dozed off after the last time I'd been fucked, but I'd heard the two guys getting dressed in the semi darkness, and leave the room. I'd really no argument with myself about what had happened that night, I'd had too much to drink, and decided that the two guys in the bar were attractive enough to invite back to my room. I'd not had sex for several weeks, and the temptation was too much. From the moment they realised that I was open to suggestion, it was a done deal. Both guys were in their late twenties. Mark was over six foot, dark hair, brown eyes and obviously worked out in the gym. Glynn was shorter, mixed race, slim, but with a beautiful smile Homemade gay porn movies/ . They sat down at the next table to me, and struck up one of those conversations that hotel guests sometimes do. Just a nod and a greeting to begin with, and then a jokey comment, and before long they were joining me and the drinks started to flow. Somewhere in the conversation I realised that they were gay, and it must have been some signal, or hint that I gave them, that clued them up to the fact that I was bi. I was younger than them, in fact I was twenty two, and on one of my early business trips alone. They were good company, and after progressing to shots, I was ready for some fun. I suggested we take a bottle of something up to my room and so Mark bought a bottle of whisky, and we stepped into the lift. I could see that Mark and Glynn were touchy-feely and as we reached my room I felt a hand on my shoulder guiding me through the door. Glynn immediately flung himself on the bed and tested the springiness, and Mark laughed as he unscrewed the bottle and took a swig. He passed it to me, and he could see I was unsteady on my feet. "I think you'd better sit down John, before you fall down." he said, and it was exactly what I did. I fell onto the bed almost on top of Glynn, who grabbed me, and laid me on my back. The room was swirling, but I had enough about me to see that he wanted to kiss me. And so it all began. Glynn's mouth closed around mine, his tongue probing deep, flicking my own. I was conscious of Mark getting undressed, and when Glynn pulled away I saw what a great body he had. Although his cock was flaccid I could see that it was a sizeable one. Both he and Glynn were laughing as they both set about undressing me. As Glynn pulled my trousers off and slid my boxers down, he made sure that his hands brushed my cock. As he struggled out of his own clothes, Mark knelt on the bed and I watched him as he took my cock in his mouth. He heard me groan, and I could feel myself hardening straight away. "Now we're getting somewhere," he remarked, as I saw him lift his head, before taking me into his mouth again. I'd had enough time to see his own cock standing up, and I was amazed at its thickness. Meanwhile Glynn was naked, and had somehow pushed his own cock towards my mouth. It, too, was quite large, and dark brown. At first I gagged as he forced it into my open mouth, but he soon realised I needed to adjust, and when I started to suck him, he began moaning out loud too. "Who's gonna fuck him first?" Mark said with relish. "You go ahead, he's got a nice tight ass," was Glynn's reply. My drunken head cleared slightly, when I knew the reality of what was happening. I felt myself being positioned on the bed, on my back, and my legs raised up. Mark knelt on the floor at the bottom of the bed, and I felt his hot breath, and then his tongue against my ass. Probing deeply, he started to lick, and slide his tongue inside. My legs were over his shoulders, as he started to open me up. His saliva was warm and was running between my cheeks when he moved onto the bed. Glynn was kissing me deeply, and pinching my nipples as Mark pressed the head of his cock against the opening of my ass. Slowly he entered me, first pushing and retreating, until the head passed my threshold. And then with one smooth movement he was all the way in. Both guys felt me tense, and then relax, as the thrusting began gaylivecam . "Fuck you're tight, you bitch," Mark grunted. Glynn had stopped kissing me and was now sucking my nipples, and his hand was down between us, wanking my stiff cock. Mark was pounding into me and the bed was shaking. I knew if Glynn was going to carry on stroking me I was going to cum. Sure enough, gritting my teeth, I knew trying to hold back was a lost cause. I shot the first spurt over my stomach, as Mark started to cum as well. He suddenly pressed deep into me, holding himself against my buttocks. His cock jerked inside me, and I felt a warmth filling me up as he emptied himself. My semen was pumping over my abdomen and Glynn withdrew his hand with his fingers covered in spunk, which he took great delight in licking clean. Mark pulled himself free and stood up, quickly saying to Glynn, "he's all yours now." Glynn moved himself swiftly between my thighs and spitting a great wad of saliva into the palm of his hand, smeared it around his massively thick, dark cock. Even though I could see it, I still wasn't ready for it. "Fucking hellfire," was all I could say as Glynn forced his way inside me. Fortunately Mark's spunk had lubricated my ass somewhat, and he went into me up to the hilt. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," I said again. Glynn set about giving me a real going over, fucking me like Mark at first, then getting me onto my knees and doing me doggy style. Finally he lay back and made me ride his cock while pinching my nipples. He seemed to enjoy the look of pain on my face because I could see him smiling as I felt him cumming inside me. As I became still, I flopped to one side of Glynn and sighed "Fuck, that was good," I exclaimed. Mark was standing by the window taking another swig of whisky. "You give a good fuck, but you're not finished yet." Slightly horrified, I could see his cock was slowly becoming engorged once more. He approached the bed, and pulled me into my knees, and pushed my head down to suck him. The taste was a mixture of me and him. Soon he was grabbing my head and forcing me down on his cock. I started to gag as it seemed to grow, and as he released me, drool dribbled from my mouth. Pulling and pushing me back on the bed I was on my knees as he shoved his cock back in my ass. Glynn was swigging from the whisky bottle as Mark started banging away at my ass once more. Grabbing his mobile phone he started recording us from every angle. When finally Mark started to cum again he was videoing a close up of his cock slipping from my ass, and a steady trickle of semen seeping and dripping onto the bed. Immediately he was focusing the mobile on his own cock as he took Mark's place. "Oh god fellas, I can't take any more, please don't." Both men chuckled sadistically. "Just one more fuck bitch," was Glynn's reply. I tried to switch off but Glynns constant pounding began to raise my libido. Whether it was his cock massaging my prostate, but I became almost hard again. He threw his mobile down, and turned me on my back as he shoved his cock deeper into me asian gay porn , I was watching his face as he was enjoying the ride. He began to wank my cock as he fucked me, and soon I was cumming once again. With a cry of delight Glynn thrust as deep as he could go and emptied his balls. I've been more selective on my business trips since. It was a memorable experience, but not to be repeated too often.

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