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It sounds rude to say that a designer who has all the Just a girl who loves Trump shirt But I will love this distinguished training of di Felice is making “accessible” fashion. Part of the saleable attraction of Courrèges is that the prices are reasonable (in comparison to luxury’s insane norms), but the other part is that the designer also knows his way around cutting for comfort, and balancing out the tiny shiny vinyl with pragmatically cool trucker jackets, padded coats, and excellent boot-cut jeans. This is just a taster, he promises, of what’s to come for Courrèges clubbers. Come the March show, he laughed, “I’m going to be a lot braver!” “I’m not the kind of designer that says, ‘I just went to China and this is my inspiration,’” prefaced Rick Owens as he sat on a staircase in the Palais de Tokyo. “But I just went to Egypt, and they have those shapes, those beautiful shapes, and I thought if I did that as a Dan Flavin helmet, that would be so cool.” By combining the headwear profiles of Ancient Egypt with some adroitly applied Philips light bulbs, Owens created headpieces that doubled as lamps—“they’re all free-standing.” He named the collection Strobe. Those lamp-helmets will probably overshadow the rest of this collection, but it is worth illuminating. From Tyrone’s metal meshed torso to the mask-era zipupable hoods, it was a presentation that wallowed wantonly in the hormonally driven. The on-and-off-again lighting meant that much of the detail—the goat hair, the duchesse, the patchwork shearling—was suppressed from the eye: what was left were silhouettes. These were alien masculine, wonderfully unconventional and diverse, and ranged from Owen’s originally parodic mega shoulder to whorled arthropod curlings rendered in piumino. “Men are pigs,” said Owens flatly.

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