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nexomerchllc 08.08.2022
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Whatever I do, I get ready in the We March For Those Shirt and I will buy this morning and I always go out fully made up, whether it’s six in the morning or whatever, I always put my full makeup on. So that means I’ve got the black lines, I’ve got the blue eyeshadow, blue lines to make my eyes look deeper. And then I draw in my eyebrows because I plucked my eyebrows out in, oh, 1973? They never ended up growing back, so I can have anything. Like when it was punk, I had the three square eyebrows. It sort of varies. I’ve had wiggles and blue glitter dots, too. I think I probably need to have another go with my eyebrows and think of some new things. I don’t think I want to be caught in a time warp.You seem to return back to the same cotton candy colors often!

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