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AI & Machine Learning Solutions at Kotwel

At Kotwel, our teams of experts with deep expertise in cutting-edge AI & ML technologies and hands-on experience in solving complex problems will help you solve your toughest business challenges.

  • Custom-designed models to meet the client requirements.
  • Offer high-quality solutions for the expected and consistent results.
  • Provide all the necessary assistance to ensure the desired result and client satisfaction.

Kotwel's workflow:

Explore six steps to benefit your business from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning advancements. You take the first step, we handle the rest.

1. Business Understanding

Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your AI and ML needs. We develop, build and deploy the model to help you achieve your business objectives.

2. Data Collection

As a leading data collection service provider, we have expertise in collecting data from a variety of sources and formats.

3. Data Processing

We process the collected data and convert it into useful information for models to interpret by taking advantage of our high-quality annotation strength.

4. Modeling

We choose specific algorithms and build a model to work with the annotated dataset.

5. Evaluation

Test the models in a similar production setting and evaluate its performance.

6. Deployment

Deploy the model into live production, integrate it into your business environment and put the model to use.


Cutting-Edge Services & Solutions

AI-Powered Applications

At Kotwel, we believe that technology has a potential to make the world a better place. With AI, we are able to continuously refine our offerings to provide you with innovative AI solutions to generate value for your business and customers.

Custom AI software development

Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation

AI enabled chatbot apps

Computer vision

Advanced business analytics

Face detection and video analytics

Pattern and image processing

Why Kotwel for AI and Machine Learning Solutions?

High-quality Solutions

Our AI development team ensures the best quality of the products we deliver. Our solutions are designed with rigorous testing and evaluation procedures to create high leverage products that can be used in businesses.

Security of Data at Each Level

Maintaining full data security and confidentiality is our priority. The dedicated team ensures no breach of data at any given point. Your data remains safe with us before, during and after delivery of the requisites.

Customer Service Standards

We strive to provide excellent support to our clients. Our clients have the opportunity to interact directly with our expert staff regarding any issues relating to their AI solutions. We have built a strong and loyal team of programmers and other highly skilled personnel who can provide any kind of assistance in addition to solving any problems of our clients as soon as possible.

Flexible Pricing

We make sure that we only deliver the best solutions at a cost-effective price. We help clients to build AI and ML-based software solutions, which are highly scalable and are easy to use. Every Kotwel AI solution is priced at a level customers feel comfortable with. We also offer payment plans that are tailored to client requirements.

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