The Best Iranian Restaurant in Dubai - Experience Traditional Iranian Cuisine

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Persian food can be both generous and solid, and we imagine that it's probably the best cooking around. We're discussing mouth-watering meat dishes, delicious fish, and scrumptious vegetables - all with that novel Persian bend! It's not shocking that Persian food has become so well-known everywhere. Furthermore, to encounter one of the Best Iranian Restaurant in Dubai, come to our place! Peruse on to get familiar with what we bring to the table, then visit us today!

What makes Persian food unique?

Persian food is something other than kebabs and rice. It's affected by a few societies, particularly French and Arab, making it one of most different cooking styles. Find a universe of flavors with these six dishes...

Don't have the foggiest idea where to begin with Persian food? We take care of you.

Look at our Persian recipes and separate them by course. From canapés and primary courses to treats, you'll find all that you want to make your own special Persian banquet at home. Furthermore, you can definitely relax in the event that you don't approach those extraordinary fixings from Iran; we substitute them with simple to-find substitutes that actually convey large flavor.

Delectable, flavourful, particularly Iranian

In the event that you're searching for another feasting experience, go to Kebab and Curry Lounge, an Iranian eatery that offers an assortment of meat and vegan dishes. From conventional rice-based stews to kebabs and burgers, it presents tasty food at incredible costs. With its advantageous area on Sheik Zayed Road and superb help, it's no big surprise that local people run here!

Soups and Salads

Baghali Polo is a valid Iranian soup made with a stock of divided peas, onion, spices and lemon juice. Customarily it's served all alone however I like to add some newly prepared bread for plunging. For a seriously filling feast you can add meat to your baghali polo by tossing in pieces of stewing sheep or sheep ribs which has been cooked all alone for around 1 hour until delicate and delicious.

Fish and Meat Dishes

How might you let know if your meat or fish is new? An accomplished culinary expert will continuously be aware. New fixings are protected to eat, however they additionally ensure top-quality taste and flavor. To appreciate customary Persian cooking from Iran, don't make due with anything short of newness! At Bistango Teheran (Tehran), our gourmet specialists value possibly utilizing top notch new fixings while setting up our suppers.

Vegan Delights

Numerous non-Iranians expect that all conventional Persian food depends on meat. While the facts confirm that kebabs, chicken, and fish are famous among Iranians, there are a lot of different choices accessible on the off chance that you know where to look. The most popular model is veggie lover khoresht, a conventional stew made with saffron rice, vegetables (counting potatoes), spices, and flavors.

Naan and Flatbreads

Naan bread and all flatbreads are generally heated without yeast. These breads give an option in contrast to customary cut bread and they can be utilized to clean up sauces and flavors. In Iran, Naan (or Nân) is eaten everyday as a staple food. It's likewise frequently presented with kebabs and other Persian stews at supper time or it might likewise be dunked into an assortment of stews or sauces.


While Middle Eastern treats are not quite as well known as their European partners, they are still totally flavorful. Attempt Sabzeh Berenji or Koloocheh: In Iran, it is standard to eat a little bowl of cooked wheat grains with some coagulated cream and earthy colored sugar after suppers. Be that as it may, a choice you might favor is Koloocheh (pistachio rice pudding). Just pour a few bubbling water over dry rice and pistachios, cover and let it represent a little while.

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