Why Shees Park in Sharjah Should Be Your Next Destination

omair1122 27.09.2022
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Where to visit in Sharjah? Shees Park is the answer to that question, and you won’t be disappointed! A beautiful place situated right in the middle of Khor Fakkan, Shees Park Sharjah features fun activities and stunning views that you’ll enjoy throughout the day. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this fantastic park so that you can plan your next trip accordingly!


Situated within Khorfakkan City Center, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Park is said to be one of Dubai’s most popular parks. Spanning over 50,000 square meters, there are a variety of activities that people can enjoy at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Park in Khor Fakkan, including a paddling pool, mini football pitch and grass-covered areas where children can play.

The Fun Stuff

There are a ton of great places to visit in your city. In Khor Fakkan, you have Shees Park. The park is full of trees, a pond and plenty of other greenery, making it easy for visitors to take in all that nature has to offer. There are also several play areas for children and different facilities like an outdoor gym and basketball courts. Everything about the park is perfect for families looking to relax or visitors who want a full day activity.

Where Can I Stay?

If you are looking for a centrally located hotel, there are plenty of options to choose from. The Radisson Blu is just a few minutes’ drive away and offers elegant rooms with spacious bathrooms. The facilities include a gym and spa as well as an outdoor pool. There is also a restaurant on-site where you can enjoy some tasty food while enjoying great views of downtown Sharjah.

How Do I Get There?

The park is a 15-minute drive from Khor Fakkan and 20 minutes from Dubai. Driving to and fro will be costly though, so you might want to consider getting there by bus or taxi; however, both of these options are inconvenient if you’re traveling with a large group of people. For that reason, renting a car is recommended. There are various car rental services available near Dubai Airport, one of which is Mamo Rent A Car.

How Long Does it Take?

Some of us are born explorers. And while it’s wonderful to get out and see new places, sometimes time is a luxury that we just don’t have. Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it too: It turns out, planning your next vacation doesn’t have to take weeks or months. You can actually plan an amazing trip in a weekend—and that’s not even counting travel time! Here are four cities you can visit on a quick getaway.

Am I Safe?

As a mom, I always want to ensure that my kids are safe, secure and sheltered from harm. Taking them out on trips is no exception. When you’re traveling with little ones, safety is a big concern – especially when it comes to water and beaches. That’s why visiting an area such as Shees Park in Khor Fakkan has me excited because it’s been designed with all of my needs in mind.

What Else Can I Do in Khorfakkan?

Although it may be famous for its beaches, if you’re looking for a fresh adventure, why not take a hike through Khorfakkan’s Shees Park? The park is only a 20-minute drive from Khorfakkan City Centre and offers visitors stunning views of Khor Fakkan beach and surrounding hills. If you start your walk at around midday, you will have plenty of time to finish before sunset and be able to watch as fishermen sail back into port.

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