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Overview About Crazy Fishing

Crazy Fishing is the game with the most beautiful 3D graphics today, possessing many outstanding features, simple operation and easy to use.

When playing Crazy Fishing, players can use the feature to lock the target and shoot automatically. This feature is currently not available in other shooting games.

Although the player is not the “last character” in Crazy Fishing, players can still receive generous rewards. Because at Crazy Fishing, players do not need to shoot down the Boss to still win the reward.

Players can collect super bullets to shoot down big fish to get rewards easily.

The super hot bonus up to 1000 times the bet is not too difficult.

The Law Of Crazy Fishing

Many players can join Crazy Fishing at the same time, this game is highly antagonistic. Depending on the direction of the cannon, the player’s projectile will reach different targets.

If the player’s bullets hit a wall, they will immediately bounce back until they hit the target. If that target dies, the successful player gets bonus points.

The maximum number of bullets for each player is 7 rounds. Players are allowed to choose different bet levels. The higher the game level, the more powerful the ammo.

Features of Crazy Fishing

Fortune yilufa

To activate the Fortune Yilufa feature in Crazy Fishing, the player needs to click on the symbol. Each player has a maximum of 5 mouse clicks. The screen when random symbols appear is red, blue and green.

If Good Luck Arrive appears in the game, the player has 1 to 3 chances to get the extra feature. And each feature corresponds to a different number of bets.

Yilufa blue : bet 3 times

Green Yilufa: Bet 15X, 20X, 25X, 30X, 35X random bet.

Red Yilufa: the cumulative number of current green Yilufa with green Yilufa, red and blue Yilufa.

Golden Wheel Of Wealth

The rewards for players in this feature are huge 18X 28X 58x and 88X. We regulates the multiplier for each reward that the player receives.

Lucky Double: the reward multipliers players can get are 36X, 56X, 116X, 176X .

Triple Wealth: upgradeable player reward multipliers are 54x, 84x, 174x, 264x.

Dancing Lion

If this symbol is encountered, the player’s chance of receiving a bonus increases from 100x to 300x. At the same time, players can also receive Fortune Arrives items.

Fortune Arrives

Any player can receive Fortune Arrives. The condition We gives players is to have the appearance of Ultra Bazooka and Dancing Lion.

If the player runs out of ammo, Fortune Arrives will support the player to add new ammo.

Ultra Bazooka

When the player encounters the Ultra Bazooka, the player has a chance to get 5x times, 50 free ammo. There are also many other items from Fortune Arrives.

The maximum number of combinations of Ultra Bazooka and Fortune Arrives is 999.

Many players when participating in fish game, always looking for ways to hack the game to win big. But that won’t happen with our game system.


Above We has just instructed players how to join Crazy Fishing. With all the information about the Crazy Fishing game, hopes players will understand more about it and participate in betting more and more for this game. We is happy to support and regularly offers new offers to players.

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