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What Is Dragon Master?

Dragon Master is the latest version of online fish table. According to the rules of the game, those who join Dragon Master will transform into hunters Dragon. The target players need to aim for are the Dragons in the desert. Coming to Dragon Master, players have the opportunity to practice shooting skills, turning themselves into talented hunters.

Dragon Master has a new theme that attracts all players at our website. The game has outstanding colors, extremely beautiful and sharp graphics, creating high realism. There are many symbols appearing in the game, each symbol has different features. Players get more rewards if they conquer a large number of symbols.

How To Play Dragon Master

Features Of Dragon Master

Heavenly Blessing: If the player’s bullet hits the dragon, the player will activate Heavenly Blessing. Immediately the system shows 3 red envelopes, the player chooses one. The bonus level players can get from 20x to 3600x.

T-Rex: The player must perform many new goals, if the game interface shows T-rex. To complete the missions, the players must cooperate with each other. Until the T-rex disappears, during that time the player has a chance to get between 100 and 300x.

Dragon Reward: Bounty Dragon attack action gives players a chance to get great rewards, the reward value is calculated by base coefficient. The player’s chance continues to increase from 150x to 300x if the player successfully captures the Bounty Dragon.

Special Weapon

Boomerang: Each time the target is destroyed, the player receives a reward worth 6x.

Explosive: Dragons located in the area will be destroyed by the bomb. Then the reward the player receives is worth up to 15x.


Wyvern the supreme character in the game, when the Wyvern appears, the player has a chance to receive a reward from 10 -1500x.

In addition, the player can attack the Wyvern, receiving rewards continuously until the Wyvern leaves.

Types Of Level Bet

Newbie: The simplest level, for players who have just joined the game. The bet level is suitable for everyone, only from 0.1 to 10.

Expert: For players who have participated in games. These players usually already have betting experience. The bet they put out ranges from 1 to 100.

Royal: The highest level in the game, usually only the new players register to join Royal. Each bullet is worth between 10 and 100.

Dragon Master Interface Functions

The number of weapons and features in the game is very diverse, players must learn and draw experience to be able to use it proficiently.

Auto: Players set this mode after finding the target. Then the player does not need to activate the weapon, the weapon still aims and shoots.

Aim: If the player wants to destroy the target, the player must click on the screen. Guns don’t work if the player doesn’t touch them.

Explosive: This is a weapon with great destructive power, the player does not aim at each individual target. Instead, the player destroys all creatures on the screen with dynamite. This type of weapon requires a lot of money to buy, usually not many people use it.

Boomerang: The amount of damage is as great as Explosive. Especially the weapon will automatically return to the player after being fired. This mode is often used by players to deal with bosses in the game.


If players have visited our website, players should not ignore Dragon Master – one of the most attractive versions of the our website. This game is really quality in both graphics and sound. The our website system also offers many other equally attractive products. Players only need to register and follow the instructions to participate. In addition, the system will send a free $20 bonus to new members. If there is a problem, customer service will solve it quickly. Good luck players!

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