How do I connect my Canon lbp6230dw to WiFi?

techcust1 02.10.2022
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The Canon wireless printer configuration follows certain protocols, it's not the same as a plug and print setup. This is common to all printers, not just Canon. Canon The set of directions are required to follow in order to connect wireless printers.

Follow the steps strictly is essential, as any error in the process is automatically an unsuccessful attempt, and the printers will not respond to instructions. Like all printers, Canon offers access points (known as hubs or routers) with the automatic connection button or"WPS" (Wifi Secured Setup). This is the gateway that allows lbp6230dw connect to wifi for example, to connect to a network with the required password.

Utilizing the WPS button can be considered the most efficient method to connect, but should it not include one, an alternative option is available to allow connections to be made. Instructions are given in the following manner:

To print for Windows customers take the CD that came with the printer, and start the installation. For Mac users download the user manuals and software by selecting the'selecting your printer' on the PIXMA page.

The initial screen will appear After that, click Next and enter the password in order for the "helper tool" to run.

After that, you can choose the option between USB for a USB or Wireless connection then click. The sequence won't work in the event that the printer is not running.

Now that the printer has been set and the next step is connecting to the network. When the "cableless setup" is displayed on your screen press the printer's WiFi button until the alarm lamp blinks twice after which you can release the button.

At this point, at this point, the green (WiFi) lamp will begin flashing quickly and your green lamp power is on. Note that the "network connection" is temporarily turned off while setting up.

Next , the "licensing agreement for Canon product' and 'please let all installation wizard procedures' should appear on the screen. Click.

The printer's model as well as its designation (SSID) for the wireless connection will be displayed in the display. It will then complete the configuration of the connection. Run a test print.

It is the Canon wireless printer is designed to be simple to work with and easy to use Otherwise, no one would ever follow the instructions to connect to a wireless printer and instead, have it installed.

Like all installation guides you must use common sense to follow the steps.

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