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Empowering The World's Leading AI Projects Is Our Ultimate Goal!​

At the core of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models is to recognize patterns and video dataset collection for AI and Machine Learning models is the best method to approach pattern recognition.

By outsourcing video data collection to a company with expertise in this area like Kotwel, you'll be able to spend less time collecting the custom videos you need and more time training your models.

Types Of Video Datasets We Offer

We can collect images and videos to match any specifications. Please speak to our Sales Team to customize your video datasets.



Our unique approach to collecting custom video to match

  • Any specification.
  • Any demographic.
  • Any scenarios

We are committed to total customer satisfaction through providing consistently high quality data & services to our worldwide customers.

Human Posture Video Dataset Collection

Analyze the finer points of human movements using a variety scenarios such as standing, sitting, running and more in different lighting conditions.

Drones & Aerial Video Dataset Collection

Use video data captured at traffic lights, parties, stadium gatherings and other locations to train drones and aerial entities for better combative and recreational calls.

Traffic Video Dataset Collection

Auto-driving vehicles can be made more intelligent by feeding in traffic video datasets that are segmented or spatial.

Demographic-Specific Dataset Collection

As Artificial Intelligence systems become more complex, it is important that we provide them with rich, relevant datasets in order to train them or tune their parameters. Demographic-specific datasets are a way of providing this variety and are a great place for data scientists and other developers to start.

High-quality Video Collection Service at Kotwel

Video Data Collection can be a time-consuming and costly task. However, there are companies that offer video data collection service to customers who wish to have diverse datasets quickly with a reasonable price. For example, Kotwel is one such company that can save you hours and costs on video collection for AI Training. Get in touch with us below to learn more about our solutions and services.

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