5 Methods To Hack Click Speed Test Game In 2023

jamiemcnair 30.11.2023
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The click speed test game has gone viral all over the world. This game is designed to keep you entertained during your free time.

This clicker test game is designed to help you keep track of your clicks in a short period. Make the most of your free time to improve your cps score. This game is all about speed. The faster you click each second, the greater your score will be.

The click speed score is a test that evaluates your grip on the mouse button and your ability to click quickly.

Try This Clicking Technique To Hack Click Speed Test

Jitter Clicking

Many pro-gamers use a quick clicking technique known as jitter click. It's not just one finger that's frantically clicking (though you can't use two or more), but your arm and wrist as well.

At your best, shake/tremble your arm and wrist as quickly as possible to achieve a higher CPS. Please feel free to challenge your friends by sharing this exam with them!

Kohi Clicking

The Kohi click test is a method for determining the clicks per second ratio. It's comparable to previous click test tools, with the exception of the fact that it's available on the Kohi Minecraft server.

Hard Core Factions game modes are popular on the Kohi server. Kohi is a spin-off of MineHG, whereas MineHG is a spin-off of Minecraft PVP (MCPVP). 

The MCPVP is now owned by Brawl Games, however, it was originally developed by 'hclewk.'

A number of click speed apps allow users to track their mouse-clicking speed over time. The Kohi Click Test is most commonly utilized by Minecraft players. 

The goal of the exam is for players to increase their mouse-clicking speed in order to perform better in the game.

Butterfly Clicking

The butterfly clicking mechanism is a new yet contentious innovation. The technique utilizes quick finger spasms, in which players alternately strike the mouse with two fingers to acquire more clicks in a short period of time.

While one finger is lifted, the other is repeatedly pressed against the mouse. It is well knowledge that players who use numerous fingers have a higher CPS. 

Players can have more control over the clicking with a tight grasp of two fingers.

Using this strategy, players can go close to 20-25 CPS. The method's only drawback is that most servers, including Minecraft, prohibit it. 

Minecraft, according to some, only registers a maximum of 4CPS.

Drag Clicking

You might be wondering what drag clicking is. Forcefully dragging your finger across a mouse button (left or right) to "trick" it into recording more clicks is exactly what it sounds like.

Other people may refer to it as Fazer tapping or tap clicking, but it functions in the same way.

You might be wondering how to tap clicking improves your CPS. Drag clicking, on the other hand, takes advantage of the friction between the mouse button and your skin when you slide your finger across the surface quickly.

This friction causes vibrations that are picked up by the mouse switch, resulting in more clicks being registered than would otherwise be possible.


While all of the methods described above are manual, programmers have created scripts that mimic mouse clicks. People employed this strategy for amusement, despite the fact that it was not genuine.

There are a plethora of web tools that can automate the clicking procedure. Depending on the auto clicker, it can register up to thousands of clicks every second.

Why Fast Click Speed Matters

Gamers are usually more concerned with the speed with which they can click the mouse because it allows them to improve their performance. To achieve better in Minecraft, players must have rapid finger motions.

According to data from independent forums, players with 6-7 clicks per second are good.

According to some sources, players in Minecraft PvP Combat must be able to swing their swords at least ten times per second, or 10 clicks per second. The faster a player clicks, the more likely he or she is to hit the enemy.

Meanwhile, some argue that clicking speed is important, but that it must also be correct.

Precaution To Take While Playing Click Speed Test Games

The traditional way of clicking has no physical dangers. Jitter and Butterfly clicking, on the other hand, can potentially cause serious medical problems if used for an extended period of time.

The pro clickers are well aware that jitter clicking can cause arthritis owing to the friction in the joints.

If a player performs it a few times a day, there is no medical problem; it only affects those who do it frequently and for an extended period of time.

Another problem that people have while using these tactics is carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder in which the wrist becomes worn down as a result of constant vibrations caused by Jitter clicking.

Despite the fact that none of the assertions are backed up by medical data, it is general knowledge among clickers.

The above information gives a quick overview of the Kohi click test and the many strategies people use to improve their CPS.

To get the most clicks on the Kohi click test, players can use any of the clicking ways.

Click Speed Test Unblocked Version

Let's say you're having trouble discovering this fantastic time killer game.

In that situation, it could be due to a barrier or limitation imposed by your school or office's internet service provider (ISP) (unless this game is down or somehow hacked).

To get over the restrictions and play an unblocked version of the click speed test, simply utilize a VPN.

Pros & Cons Click Speed game

What is the aim of click speed apps, you might wonder? And why is it getting so popular among the public?

It essentially supplies them with a form of entertainment. People release their stress and rage by clicking on the screen a certain number of times.

It is the most effective approach to relieving stress and anger. Harsh words and rage can sometimes be enough to end our relationship.

And I believe that playing this clicking game can help you save your relationship while you're angry.

During your difficult period, open and play the click speed test, in my opinion. I guarantee that you will feel at ease and that you will discover a solution to your problem.

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