Difference between HP 3630 Ink and Genuine Ink

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For some reason, there are still people who are reluctant to use perfect ink cartridges. It is almost the equivalent of people who also find it difficult to recognize which are the OEMs and which are compatible. To help you with your purchases, here are some different ways to know if you are buying a perfect one or not. At this time, you will use HP 3630 ink for the test:

What is HP 3630 ink?

HP Office Jet 3630 uses the HP 564 ink cartridge layout. It comes in 4 individual shades: dark, cyan, red and yellow. Both shaded and dark cartridges have economical or standard performance and high yield.

How could I know if the HP ink cartridge is certified?


An HP certified ink cartridge has a QR code or security seal. Essentially use your QR code scanner application or download the HP Sure Supply application.


As mentioned, the HP ink cartridge has a security seal and has the HP logo, "good" and "√" in a similar course in a blue stripe. Log in to 123 hp dj3630 and enter the sequential number of your cartridge.

HP Store

You can be sure that an HP ink is real when you buy at your physical and web store. In addition, HP has replacement programs that send customers their replacement ink cartridges when the ink or toner level reaches a low level.

Contrast between a good and a certifiable cartridge.

Most likely, there is. In terms of costs, perfect substitutions are much less expensive than OEMs. It depends on the type of exchange you are looking for. There are some premiums, which look like new and ready to use, new and produced with most notable materials and a definition similar to that of your certifiable partner. They are also licensed and have the explicit intention of removing their model printers. They are between 25% and 35% less expensive, but offer the equivalent if the print quality is worse.

Remanufactured or refurbished cartridges are OEM destroyed. What these retail after-sales organizations do is replace depleted parts with new ones and complete the cartridges with perfect ink or toner. Substitutions like these allow you to reserve 70%.

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