Why is my laptop plugged in not charging hp?

techcust1 30.11.2023
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After having read various other forums and blogs I decided to conduct some troubleshooting with the "plugged in battery that isn't charging" before spending too many dollars. My Spectre 13-4003DX 13-4003DXand was a blazing small laptop that I use for everything. At first, I purchased a second charger from my previous laptop. No change. I then bought two new batts and swapped the one I had previously purchased. The new batt showed a 42% battery charge. When I connected the charger, I saw the nice signal "charging" for approximately 2 minutes. Then I got the broken one yet. "Plugged into and it's not charging" So I went to the HP Diagnostics webpage and it stated that the new batt required to be calibrated. That was good, it made sense. if you have any problem, please contact us at why is my laptop plugged in not charging hp.

 The page that recommended re-calibration said it will take between 4 and hours. I viewed the bar graph as it depleted the battery. then my computer stopped working and would not startup, it wouldn't even blink just a tiny bit. No charge light, nothing. I went to the charger to make sure it was still working and it was... So, how do I remove my data from Spectre and transfer it to my old, 

Reliable computer in my garage? 

The second battery I purchased. The second battery I purchased. The second battery I purchased. Yes, it started right away immediately after installing it. the battery had an energy level of 65. The good news is that. I was capable of downloading all my files onto my backup drive on sd. Unfortunately, the moment I plugged into my charger, it began charging faster than it did the time it was not charging.

 After I connected the second battery, I scanned the burned paper, as mentioned in other blogs on this website. Yes, the small capacitor looked burnt, and there's a hole that was burned within the sheet. The paper worried me slightly, "replace with HP spare ". What exactly does that mean?? The original one isn't HP What is HP? I got lucky, no huge fire, no burned lap, no fire department. yeah! however, I have $1400. HP Official Paperweight?

 What do I do? 

I love my Spectre PC and also the mix of processing size, and start-up speed However, do not believe that its reliability is worth the price. This is about $300 for the motherboard or $600 in the Repair Shop. Unless. they're willing to repair this as well after I've taken it off the one-year warranty.

After having read a few other blogs, I can see that this is a defect by the manufacturer and should have been reported. As I kept mine connected throughout the time I've owned it, it rarely did need to recharge due to the battery that was low, thus putting an entire load on the capacitor. But now that I'm on road for about a month, the issue has reared its ugly head. Don't let it run below 50%, and it's likely to not cause any issues.

I have I use and own 11 HP products. Eight of them are computers. and this was the very first time that I've encountered a problem with all of them. Microsoft 10... I would like to be able to say a similar. So, if you're contemplating purchasing one of these units consider buying the 15 years extended warranty.

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