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imiadove2021 26.05.2022
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Muree is not a stricken place. It’s a tourist destination just an hour drive from our capital. People died because they were uneducated and stupid enough to make picnics in this weather. It’s funny how us Pakistanis can’t even face the truth of our country in international stages. Richard Ramplee They are not bothered about the deaths, they just want BBC to include the entire Kashmir as a part of Pakistan. Scroll down, and you will find a similar comment. Adnan Yousaf People of your country have died. I saw video of an entire family, with 4 small children dead inside their car. The horrified look on their face, is still haunting me, and here you are worried about the map. Adnan Yousaf why don't we just include all of ASIA into Pakistan? The news shows that people have died in terrible accidents but you are just worried about the map.

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