2021 college football National Champions Georgia Bulldogs shirt

imiadove2021 26.05.2022
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 I can also assume you’re glued to whatever the BBC tell you… but face to face facts, trump whatever cooked up numbers you’re taking as absolute undeniable gospel. Steve Platts I love the fact that you are so wedded to your viewpoint, that instead of exploring the data covering the entire population, collected by tens of thousands of people and externally validated, that you infact want to look at a convenience sample of 500 people on your facebook page, having decised to remove someone because you dont agree they died of covid and you accuse me of picking the data I want to see. Please, please have a think about how backwards that is and that your marginal death rate statement is clearly wrong. We are not going to agree, and thats fine, but do try reflect on the fact that you have had to shift your position so many times in this argument, prehaps its not as strong as you would like.

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