Overview About Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix - Online Fish Table Game

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Overview About Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix

Players when participating in Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix must use guns and other weapons to kill fish. The more fish killed, the more valuable the player gets. Depending on different time frames, fish will appear in small or large numbers. Players should experience and get used to hunting to achieve the best effect.

If players want to participate to gain experience and practice skills, players should only choose low ranks, low stakes. If players want Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix to be the tool to make more bets, players should choose a harder tier, with more powerful weapons. Each type of fish will have a different reward, the harder the fish is to catch, the bigger the bonus if hunting them successfully.

Compared to other versions of the online fish table, Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix is ranked among the most interesting games, with a variety of features and bonuses. This is a game that gives players a lot of opportunities, experience and extremely high stakes.

Levels Of Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix

VIP: The symbol of this rank is Blue Shark. The value of each Gun is from 10 to 100, players do not need to spend more money can still participate in bets and receive rewards.

VVIP: The symbol of the playroom is the golden crossbow. The value of each Gun is from 50 to 1000. Players who want to enter the room have to spend 10 more coins.

Super VIP: The symbol of this rank is displayed as a Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix. The value of each Gun is from 100 to 1000, players only need to spend 10 more coins to be able to log in to the game room.

The Feature Of Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix

Features in Ocean King 3 - Fire Phoenix include:

Phoenix - Boss

+ Catching a Phoenix will trigger to catch everything on the screen, an entire explosion.

+ It can give the player a chance to help catch fish in the ring.

Mermaid - Boss

+ Capturing the Mermaid can summon great ocean waves to attack all the fish in the sea.

+ This will give players an extra chance to double their wins.

Gold Treasures & Fire Storm: Firestorm images come with fascinating treasures. If the player successfully conquers the fire storm, thanks to its power, it can transform creatures, leading the journey to find treasure.

Laser Crab: At first glance this creature seems harmless, but the laser crab has unbelievable power. When this creature appears at any location, all fish will be slowed down, or reduced in strength by the crab's lasers. From there, players take advantage of the opportunity, kill the weakening fish to receive bonuses.


Small Fish: The level of rewards the player receives from these creatures ranges from x2 to x20. Most of them are very small in size, easy to destroy, do not cost a lot of bullets as well as refurbish heavy weapons.

Big Fish: This bonus level ranges from x20 to 60 depending on the creature. They are not always visible on the screen. If the player wants to kill it takes about 2 to 3 bullets, sometimes 4 bullets.

Special Fish: The bonus level can be from x100 to x350. Because this is an extremely large bonus, players do not have many opportunities to meet this creature. They rarely appear and are only caught by chance. These creatures are extremely difficult to hunt, have great power and the rewards are also extremely attractive.

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