2021 Easypost Hawaii Bowl Champions shirt

imiadove2021 19.05.2022
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 Everything is directed onto our mobile phones. It's creepy to know there is someone out there interested in my transactions and could manipulate it. Gail Dawson digital tracking has no emotions just tons of data space. All you do, where you go, your medical history, banking, etc... it's in a cloud somewhere and of mighty interest for someone. We have no choice but to go down this track... otherwise we lose our "freedoms"... the term has been so twisted in such a short time...incredible. Myriam Cochelin Copestake I don’t know the statistics for France but our testing is free and easy so I would imagine if people get it they are being tested? Do you have the statistics on that, would be an interesting read. Just back from Montreal. We had to show proof of double vaccination and ID before we could eat anywhere. Also EVERYONE is wearing masks in shops and indoor spaces, no exceptions, no exemptions. 

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