Industrial Gases

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Industrial Gas

Industrial Gas - Sing Industrial Gas Vietnam

Leading Industrial Gas Solution Provider in Vietnam. Supply when curved, when oxygen, when argon. When CO2 Dioxide, when purified, Acetylene C2H2, when converted to Nitrogen, when Carbon. When Dissolved Acetylene (D.A), When tron ​​and When Ethylene

1. Supply Acetylene

The gas that produces the highest heat and is the most efficient. Acetylene (C2H2) provides high productivity thanks to good heat concentration and minimal heat loss. It also needs the lowest amount of oxygen to ensure complete combustion. This flammable and colorless gas is lighter than air and does not accumulate in low places where it could be a potential hazard. At our factory, acetylene is produced by the reaction between calcium carbide and water.

Industrial Acetylene Gas Supply

The ability to produce a low-moisture flame makes this gas a good choice for many critical heating processes. Typical applications include spark heating, spark drilling, welding, and spark hardening. Spark cleaning, spark straightening, heat spraying and carbon coating.

Acetylene is supplied as dissolved in acetone (DA) in specially designed flasks to prevent decay. We supply gas bottles and DA pallets. Customers can also refill acetylene at our factory.

2. Supplying CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, liquefied gas that can cause asphyxiation at high concentrations. There are different sources to collect CO2. CO2 can be obtained from natural springs, limestone kilns. Fermentation and gas flow from chemical and petrochemical plants.

Supplying industrial CO2 gas

Carbon dioxide is most commonly used in the food and beverage industry. From carbonated drinks and wine storage to changing the atmosphere for packaged foods. Dry ice – or CO2 in its solid state – is increasingly used as a refrigerant. In electromechanical systems due to its environmental benefits. Dry ice is also an extremely effective and eco-friendly cleaning agent. In agriculture, CO2 can be used to promote growth in greenhouses. As a raw material for the production of bio-algae oil (green crude oil).

We supply CO2 in gaseous form or CO2 in compressed liquid form in gas bottles, pallets, LGCs and ISO tanks depending on the customer's application needs.

3. Supply of Argon Gas

Argon (Ar) is a colorless, odorless and inert gas that does not react with other substances. In high concentrations, argon can cause asphyxiation. Argon exists in the atmosphere (concentration 0.93%), Argon is usually produced by gas separation. Argon is produced in our gas separation plant along with oxygen and nitrogen.

Industrial Argon Gas Supply

Argon has many different applications in many industries. One of the most common uses is as a cover for arc welding – in its pure form or in a mixture with other gases. It is one of the main gases used in gas mixtures pumped into incandescent, fluorescent and electronic lamps. Argon is also widely used in laser technology and in laboratories.

We offer argon in gas and liquid form. Argon gas is delivered in 40L, 50L gas bottles and pallets or loaded into customer bottles at the filling station in the factory. Liquid argon gas is delivered by LGC, ISO tank or pumped directly at the factory.

4. Nitrogen gas supply

Nitrogen (N2) makes up the bulk of the earth's atmosphere, making up 78.08% of the total mass. Nitrogen is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and almost completely inert in gas and liquid forms. It can cause asphyxiation at high concentrations. Nitrogen is produced in bulk at our gas separation unit.

Supplying industrial nitrogen gas

One of the main applications of nitrogen is in coatings and cleaning in the food and chemical industries. In liquid form, it is used as an agent for freezing food, storing biological materials, performing cryosurgery and in cold crushing of plastics and rubber. Nitrogen is also widely used in the semiconductor industry, electronics and laboratories

We offer nitrogen in gas and liquid form. Nitrogen gas is delivered in 40L, 50L gas bottles and pallets or loaded into customer bottles at the filling station in the factory. Liquid nitrogen gas is distributed by LGC, ISO tank or pumped directly at the factory.

5. Oxygen gas supply

Oxygen (O2) is a colorless, odorless gas, but it is pale green in liquid form. Oxygen is an important ingredient for most life forms on earth. We absorb oxygen in the air we breathe. Oxygen is produced in our factory through liquefaction technology and air distillation in the air separation unit.

Industrial Oxygen Supply

The main industrial application of oxygen is as a fuel for combustion. Many materials that would not normally burn in air will burn in oxygen. Thus mixing oxygen with air enhances combustion efficiency in the iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, glass and concrete industries. Oxygen is commonly combined with fuel gas for cutting, welding, rock welding and glass blowing. Provides a higher temperature flame and is more efficient than air. In the technology of using oxygen, plasma and laser raw materials, oxygen gas is used to cut steel. In addition, Ox is also widely used in many other industries such as petrochemicals. And chemical, medical and healthcare, food industry…

We supply oxygen in gas and liquid form. Oxygen gas is delivered in 40L, 50L gas bottles and pallets or loaded into customer bottles at the filling station in the factory. Liquid oxygen is distributed by LGC, ISO tank or pumped directly at the factory.

6. Mixing gas supply

Industrial mixed gas is also known as mixed gas. Compressed air containing more than one type of gas and evenly mixed according to the set parameters. Depending on the purpose and needs of use, there will be gas mixtures with different components.

Supplying industrial mixing gas

Inert gas, also known as mixed gas, includes a mixture of the following gases: Argon, Helium. Argon gas has 3 types with different purity: 99.99% (used to weld highly reactive metals such as Ti,Nb,Zr); 99.98% (for welding non-ferrous metals such as Al, Mg, and their alloys) and 99.95% (for welding high alloy steel).




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