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imiadove2021 16.01.2022
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The family of the deceased want justice for their loved one, but nailing the actor to the wall may not be just. How did the gun go off then if he didn't pull the trigger? He says he doesn't feel guilty, I'd feel so much guilt even if it was an accident I'd have that on my conscience the rest of my life. Who gives a toss about his career right now. I think his focus should be elsewhere. Oh and by the way his interview on US TV showed a complete lack of compassion for the family! why the armorer "doesn't know"? it was her job to check it! I wonder why she's not arrested. And why the police wouldn't investigate the producers who hired her? She's clearly not capable and not experienced enough for this job. I just feel so sorry for him and the familys that have lost thier loved ones,

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