Captain Spaulding Tutti f****** Fruity shirt

imiadove2021 16.01.2022
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I have more important things to do, like watch paint dry. Dee Gutierrez The fact he had a ‘Producer’ title doesn’t mean he had any control over the day to day operations of the set. People are given that title for all sorts of reasons. It could be that he was involved in script development. It could be that he agreed to take a lower upfront payment for a percentage of box office revenue on the back end. It could be that he talked to a few people who threw money in. There will have been 5, 8, 10 people who had the title of producer or executive producer on that film (just actually look at the credits next time you watch a film) - very few of them with any actual control over day to day runnings and decisions on set! Jill Tuvey I think he knows that. Read the article. 

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