Damn right I am a Bulldogs fan now and forever shirt

imiadove2021 28.05.2022
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Thank you again. Oleh Naumko Wow poor you. Get over it your not the first country to have a travel ban. Stay silent !!!!! that's how this whole pandemic started in the first place. If China had spoken up and not kept things hidden even killing the whistle blowers maybe we wouldnt have had pandemic in the first place. Oleh Naumko the UK went through this, as did India, but now it's Africa, everyone's full of rage? We in the UK were on every country's travel blacklist just because we identified one of the earlier variants. Michelle Van Der Nest Good question. We are just being bullied that's all. God knows why! Israel, Netherlands and Hong Kong have not been placed on a ban, but cases have been detected. Or maybe it doesn't matter if the virus comes in from Israel. A travel ban on African countries! What about the other counties that has this new variant? None of them I. 

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